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The Jewish presence in the Mearat Hamachpaila is in danger! If you do not take action now, what has happened in the Tomb of JOSEPH and in the Tomb of RACHEL (Kever-Rachel) will, G-d forbid, happen here too! It is our fight. It is your fight too. Before Rosh Hashana 2000, hundreds of thousands of Jews were coming from around the globe to visit and pray at the Mearat Hamachpaila. Since then it is desolate. Everything is done, especially by the Israeli media, playing on the fears, to prevent Jews from coming to visit their Parents who are resting in the Mearat Hamachpaila (the Patriarchs and Matriarchs). The latest of these maneuvers carried out by the enemies of Am Israel is the Resolution voted by UNESCO simply erasing any link between Am Israel and Mearat Hamachpaila, and granting the belonging and the historical link to the Palestinians.
The best way to defeat those attacks from UNESCO and the enemies of Am Israel is to fight this battle by maintaining and strengthening a strong Jewish presence in Mearat Hamachpaila and in Hebron. We need your help to assert and increase our presence in Mearat Hamachpaila, which is the mission and reason for the existence of Nahalat Abraham U'Shmuel. And this is what we do each and every day for 18 years.


Nahalat Abraham U'Shmuel is the association managing the Kollelim (Yeshivas for married men) of Mearat Hamachpaila. The heroic Jews of Hebron and Kiryat Arba come despite all to learn and study Torah and pray in the Mearat Hamachpaila.
Mearat Hamachpaila was purchased by our father (Abraham) for our mother (Sarah). This is the entry to the lower heaven, the Garden of Eden. Mearat Hamachpaila is the only guarantee of the possession of the land of Israel by the people of Israel. We are sure that our fight is yours and that you will give the utmost effort as we do. We offer you the chance to participate in the defense budget of the Jewish people and the land of Israel, by financing the ultimate weapon held by the Jewish people since Avraham Avinu: the Torah and the prayers. We belong to no political movement or any lobby, our only concern is the Jewish people. For that reason, we have no financial support from any government agency. Our only financial support is by you.

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והיו עיניך רואות את מוריך



Thanks from Yitzhak Marciano, Founder of the Nahalat Avraham Us'Shmuel Institutions in Mearat Hamachpaila

I would like to start by thanking HASHEM who created me JEW, and brought me back to ERETZ ISRAEL at KIRYAT-ARBA HEVRON, the City of the PATRIARCHS. In addition, He gave me the incredible MERIT of founding and promoting TORAH STUDY INSTITUTIONS in the very place where our PATRIARCHS and MATIARCHS are resting, the cradle of AM ISRAEL, precisely where, according to our Sages, the GAN EDEN's entrance is located and where all the TEFILOTH said by the Jews across the WORLD arrive before their ascension into the SUPERIOR SPHERES.
Much of this MERIT is due to the ZEKHOUTH AVOTH that I have inherited from my ANCESTORS, Rabbi AVRAHAM and Rabbi SHMUEL MARCIANO Zatsa''l.
This undertaking would never have had the chance of being carried out without the advice, encouragement and confidence of my two FRIENDS, G. Eliahou MARUANI and Shmuel BEN BASSAT. Their wisdom, friendship and availability have never failed me. At all time, they are the ones who enabled me to overcome the obstacles and to go through the sometimes harsh challenges, which were apparently necessary steps to achieve and pursue an extraordinary project located in a PLACE such as MEARAT HAMAKHPELA.
All this has been realized thanks to the moral and material support of our partners, among others N. MANESH, H. RBIBO, the FRENKEL family, Mrs. S. ROTH, who follow us since the creation of our Institutions to date.
And I would like to close this section by expressing all my appreciation and gratitude to my dear wife, because it is obvious that all I have achieved, this is thanks to her. I am aware that all this UNDERTAKING and these achievements were only possible thanks to HASHEM and to her. I owe all of this to them.

Our activities

We want you to live the activities of Nahalat Avraham U'Shmuel in Mearat haMachpaila, the site where the patriarchs and matriarchs reside as well as Adam HaRishon and Chava. Mearat Hamachpaila is the entrance to the lower heaven, the Garden of Eden. Mearat Hamachpaila was the first real estate transaction, barely 3693 years ago, someone said UNESCO? Strange, isn’t? And where the first possession of the land of Israel took place for the Jewish people by Avraham Avinu. The Meara is situated in Hevron which was the first capital of the Jewish Kingdom. King David ruled for seven years in Hevron. Whereupon, all the tribes of Israel came to Hevron to pledge allegiance to him and offer him royalty over all Israel. This event led to the promotion of Jerusalem to the status of Royal Capital of Am Israel (barely 2893 years). In passing, let mention that Hevron is also the resting place of Ruth the Moabite (Mother of the Royal Davidic Dynasty) and of Yichay, the father of King David.

Nahalat Avraham U'Shmuel is an Association according to Israeli laws and is registered in the office of foundation in Jerusalem #58-036-973-4. From the States, you can do your donations to: American Friends of Maarat Hamachpaila Institution Inc. It is a 501 (c)3 n.p.o with a tax-exempt Federal ID.