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Buy a letter

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Be present in Maarat Hamachpaila thanks to your Sefer Torah.
You can offer to yourself or to your loved ones, for a birth, bar/bat mitzvah… to the memory of a family member.
*18 (hay) $ (by letter): a letter, a word, a name, a verse, a special passage, etc.



To mark the 3693th anniversary of the Acquisition of Mearat Hamachpaila by Avraham Avinu
To celebrate the 18 years of presence of the Nahalat Avraham U'Shmuel Institutions in Mearat HaMachpaila
To provide the appropriate Jewish response to the UNESCO resolution of July 7, 2017 denying any link between Am Israel and Mearat haMachpaila
The Purpose of the World Campaign “Am Israel's Sefer Torah for His Patriarchs”
To write a Sefer Torah for Am Israel, and keep it in the Mearat Hamachpaila to be read PERMANENTLY in this holy place
To express the physical link and presence of the Children of Israel with their Patriarchs, thanks to their share in this Sefer Torah serving PERMANENTLY in the very place where our Patriarchs rest.
To provide a financial support in order to maintain and develop the Nahalath Avraham u'Shmuel’s Colelim, including the upgrading of the “Grand Collel” into a Higher Institute of Judges Formation
To develop the Chesed Branch of our Institutions in order to reinforce the help given to needy families
To give to the UNESCO the proof of the IMPRESCRIPTIBLE sustainability of the right of AM ISRAEL on ERETZ ISRAEL thanks to TORATH ISRAEL

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