Prayers and Requests

Prayers and Requests

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Prayers and Requests

Our Sages teach us that all the Tefiloth said by the Jews around the world arrive directly at Méarat haMakhpela and from there ascend to the Higher Worlds.

When a Jew makes his Tefilah in this Place, it is considered to have been made with all the Cavanoth (intentions) and Hidurim and goes straight up to the Upper Spheres without any obstacle.

Nahalat Avraham u'Shmuel proposes to do for you, in this place in your place
these Tfiloth for your merit, or the merit of persons whom you have appointed to us; different Tfiloth adapted to all cases.

These prayers will be said for the period you want and at the right time.

Without asking anything or asking anything, we advise you to give a tzedakah using our Paypal link, because it has the strength to: Make forgive mistakes and repel all bad decrees.

Moreover it is the only Mitzvah that can be accomplished by asking Gd to grant us a request in exchange.

The Mitzvah of Tsedaka is the responsibility of every member of the people of Israel,
giving money, according to his possibilities and his generosity.

Send us your request

הנני בא בשורות

Rav Yitzhak Cadouri zatsal

Rosh Yeshiva, Kabbaliste Jerusalem


Noam Arnon

Porte parole de la communauté juive de Hevron

אני מברך את המוסדות

Rav Yaacov Yossef zatsal

אני מברך את המפעל היקר

Rav Yaacov Peretz shalit

Rosh Yeshiva de Haichal Pinchass Jerusalem

מצרף להמלצה

Rav Chalom MESSAS zatsal

Grand rabbin de Jérusalem

Rav Mordechai Eliahu zatsal

Le Richon LeZion , Grand rabbin sépharade d''Israël

מצרף להמלצה

Rav David Batsri shalit

Rosh Yeshiva "Hashalom" Kabalists"

המצע הזה יקשר בין הבנים לאהבות.

Rav Dov Lior

Grand rabbin d''Hébron et de Kiryat Arba